Renters Insurance


Tenants in single and multi-family properties can now purchase a renters insurance policy with Roost Renters Insurance through their Online Portal.  Tenants are not required to purchase a policy with Roost, but we've provided a simple and convenient way to purchase renters insurance if you don't already have a policy.

Roost Renters Insurance is managed separately from Sevyn & Co. and Appfolio, so tenants WILL NOT see related charges post to their AppFolio accounts. Tenants manage and get support for their policy outside of AppFolio.  See the FAQs for more information.

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Coverage Information

Renters insurance covers the tenant’s personal property (including laptops, furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes, bikes, etc.) if they’re damaged or stolen.

Renters Insurance covers items lost or damaged in events such as:*

  • Weather related: Fire, wind, snow, hail, lightning, freezing, ice

  • Non-Weather related: theft, vandalism, malicious mischief

*Please refer to your tenant’s actual policy for a complete list of losses that are covered and not covered.  Some categories of personal property coverage have a maximum dollar limit. Actual coverage options and prices may vary by state and location.

Additional Coverage Options (options vary by state):

  • Water backup of sewer and drains (included by default, tenant cannot opt out)

  • Other additional coverage options offered based on tenant's location

Liability Coverage: Renters insurance includes $100,000 in liability coverage for the named insured.




How much does renters insurance cost for tenants?

The cost of Renters Insurance depends on the amount of coverage chosen by the tenant and their location. Since prices may differ based on these variables, we encourage tenants to get a custom quote (which only takes a a few clicks) from their Online Portal, as opposed to suggesting price ranges here.

Policies will be billed directly to the tenant separately from AppFolio and will not appear on their tenant ledger.

How do tenants purchase a policy?

Residential tenants can purchase renters insurance from their Online Portal. Upon purchase, they'll receive a confirmation email with links to their policy. The renters insurance option is not available for HOA, Commercial, Mixed-Use, or Vacation properties.

Can I charge an administrative fee for Renters Insurance?

We do not recommend adding any fees associated with Roost Renters Insurance. We understand that adding fees to an insurance sale may require certain licensing, but you should consult your own legal or insurance advisor for a formal recommendation. Adding fees without licensing could result in fines and corrective action from your state's Department of Insurance.

What are the available payment options?

Payments are processed automatically each month by Roost Renters Insurance via credit card.

How does an insurance payment appear on a tenant's credit card statement?

Roost Renters Insurance payments appear as “MSI Renters Insurance” on credit card statements.

Will all roommates be covered?

Tenants will have the option to add their roommates as covered in their policy, or roommates can purchase their own policies separately.

How can I find out more detail about which specific losses would be covered?

For specific coverage questions, submit a support request through the Help Center.

How do tenants access their policy information?

Tenants can view their policy details, documents, payment methods and more in a self-service renters insurance portal at Access to a self-service portal is provided via email upon purchase of a Roost Renters Insurance policy.

Where do tenants go to update their policy information?

Tenants can log in to their policy account at Their login credentials for this site are included in the email confirmation they received immediately after purchasing the policy.

How can a tenant get help with their policy or submit a claim?

Tenants can submit claims or ask any insurance-related questions by contacting Roost Renters Insurance at 844-788-0877 or They can also go through their self-service portal at Access to a self-service portal is provided via email upon purchase of a Roost Renters Insurance policy.